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How Oxygen Absorbers Can Improve Food Safety and Shelf Life

Oxygen absorbers are small sachets or packs that are used to remove oxygen from their surroundings. These sachets are placed in containers and packaging and are commonly used in the food industry to improve food safety and increase the shelf life of food products.

In this blog, let’s look at how oxygen absorbers work and why they are commonly used.

How Oxygen Absorbers Work

Sachets or packs of oxygen absorbers contain iron powder, activated carbon, and salt. When oxygen comes into contact with the content of this sachet, the iron powder oxidizes and removes oxygen within the container. This creates a vacuum effect as well. The other contents in the sachet, activated carbon and salt, control moisture in the container.

Why Oxygen Absorbers Are Used

Oxygen absorbers are used for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at them here:

They Improve Food Safety

Oxygen can spoil food and encourage the growth of bacteria. Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen from the sealed container, preventing spoilage and bacteria growth.

They Increase Shelf Life

Preventing spoilage and reducing the growth of bacteria ultimately improves the shelf life of food products. Food products can easily be transported and stored without worrying about spoilage with the help of oxygen absorbers. It also helps reduce wastage in the food industry.

They Preserve Nutritional Value

Oxygen can also cause loss of vitamins and minerals in food products. Removing oxygen means food products can preserve their nutritional value for longer periods.

They Improve Appearance and Flavor

A food product’s appearance and flavor are two of the most critical things food processing companies worry about. Spoilage due to oxygen can affect how the food appears, the texture, and the flavor. Oxygen absorbers help food products maintain their appearance and flavor for longer periods.  

Oxygen absorber sachets

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