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Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves

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The adsorbents, molecular sieve are pelleted, beaded and powdered material, made from three dimensional materials: microporous materials (including zeolite, activated carbon, and clay desiccants), macroporous material (including zeolite and silica gel) and mesoporous material (including silicon dioxide). Using this interconnecting network molecular sieve is completed. The small molecules are efficient to pass thought the pores are absorbed and when activated they becomes a powerful adsorbents in a wide range of operating conditions with a strong absorption ability with water, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other polar molecules. Molecular sieves are used as a desiccant of adsorbents for industrial process which require the adsorption and removal of moisture elements during processing & packaging. ISO 9001:2000 certified personalized manufacturer of molecular sieves - 3a, 4a, 5a and 13x products which can be used in different industries based on their adsorbent requirements.

The adsorbent molecular sieve offers a variety of adsorption applications based on molecular shape and size, its crystal structure make the high adsorption capacity then other adsorption systems. Hence, this desiccant is able to remove many industrial and natural gases or liquid impurities.

Molecular Sieve Type A:

  • Molecular Sieve 3A (Pore Diameter of 3 Angstrom)
    For drying of polar liquid like ethanol and methanol. Drying of propylene, butadiene and acetylene. Available in beads, pellets and powder foam.
  • Molecular Sieve 4A (Pore Diameter of 4 Angstrom)
    For Static drying in gas stream & liquid, like electronics & electric systems, medicine & diagnostic kit packaging, Perishable food items and chemical packaging. Available in beads, pellets and powder foam.
  • Molecular Sieve 5A (Pore Diameter of 5 Angstrom)
    Removal of mercaptans, carbon dioxide and H2S from natural gas, normal paraffin separation of cyclic and branched chain hydrocarbons. Available in beads and pellets foam.

Molecular Sieve Type X:

  • Molecular Sieve 13X ( Pore Diameter of 10 Angstrom)
    For separation of oxygen & nitrogen from air streams, oxygen generation, mercaptan removal from natural gas, insulating glass units. Available in beads and pellets foam.

Sorbead India is the manufacturer and supplier of all types of molecular sieve adsorbent throughout India and export to the majority of countries across the globe. Molecular sieve is available in Beads and extruded pallets form in various sizes.