Adsorbents and Desiccant Products Canada

Sorbead India is the leading manufacturer and supplier of absorbents and desiccants in Canada, with a wide range of diverse products that safeguard industrial instruments, raw materials, and outcomes for the adverse effects of humidity and moisture. The strategic packaging solutions, including Activated Alumina, Chromatography Adsorbents, Container Desiccant, LDPE Bags — Pharma Grade, Molecular Sieves, Oxygen Absorbers, Pharmaceutical Coils, Pharmaceutical Desiccants, and Silica Gel are second to none.

Here’s a list of the industries Sorbead India takes the greatest pride in serving:

1. Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry in Canada is at the top of the list when speaking of consumption of products from Sorbead India as they purchase bulks of Pharmaceutical Desiccants, Pharmaceutical Coils, LDPE Bags – Pharma Grade, Oxygen Absorbers and Container Desiccants. These products are used for protecting capsules, tablets, and packets inside bottles from the adverse effects of humidity and moisture. Apart from pharmaceuticals, products from Sorbead India are used for packaging cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and other natural organic products.

2. Oil and Natural Gas

Sorbead India, the distributor of adsorbents and desiccants, has found its place in the oil and natural gas industry, where it’s readily deployed for the separation and purification of oils and natural gases.

3. Research Laboratories

Research labs across Canada employ chromatography techniques and substances for DNA purification, biomarkers, drying of analytical representative, and column chromatography for isolation as well as cleanup of antibiotics.

4. Chemical Industry

The chemical industry utilizes Activated Alumina for drying organic liquids. The alumina balls are highly effective for use with steam cracked liquids, aromatic solvents, butane, and LPG.

5. Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is a regular consumer of the reputable distributors of absorbents, Sorbead India, as it makes use of Cargo Dry Pak in safely and securely transporting goods via the road, land, or by means of the sea.

6. Food Industry

The food industry in Canada makes use of Sorbead India’s oxygen absorber packets to extend the shelf life of preserved good items. Each oxygen absorber sachet is manufactured to remove or reduce the oxygen levels trapped within packaged food.

Not sure about the product best suited for your industry? Sorbead India has a dedicated customer support team available around the clock to help you understand why you need intelligent solutions to counter the damaging effects the moisture content may have on your equipment and product. We’ll ensure the best quality product arrives at your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.

Classify for the bulk order on any of the following products and get free samples flooding in with your bulk purchase order:

Activated Alumina

Aluminum hydroxide is highly porous, says science. But Sorbead India has taken the exhibition of tremendous surface a step further with coverage of 415 square meters per gram that qualifies for high water vapor and moisture absorption. Activated Alumina desiccants are formulated as water-resistant alumina balls that do not swell, shrink, or swell even if immersed in water. Additionally, the desiccant is abrasion and thermal shock resistant. Buy activated alumina desiccant online for bulk delivery of an exceptional product in Canada.

Chromatography Adsorbents

Sorbead India manufactures multiple chromatography absorbents in Canada, including aluminum oxide chromatography and silica gel chromatography. These are readily deployed in the extraction, separation, and purification of complex organic compounds. Our column chromatography yields exceptional results with an excellent flow rate, direct scalability, high resolution, reproducible results, low instrumental expense, low operating pressures, and simple packing procedure.

Container Desiccants

We are proud to present our bestselling product, the Container Desiccant, Cardo Dry Pack, formulated using active ingredients including bentonite clay, starch, and calcium chloride that absorbs 100 percent of its weight in moisture. With this miracle desiccant spread over your pallets, products, or hung on the sides of your container, there’s no giving mold, mildew, foul smell of sogginess, rusting of metallic equipment, fungal formation, or condensation a second thought. Place your order through Sorbead India, a reputable container desiccant supplier in Canada.

LDPE Bags – Pharma Grade

Sorbead India manufactures triple laminated aluminum bags for pharma, USDMF desiccant, USDMF canisters, and USDMF cotton for packaging with FDA-approved raw materials. The product line is also ISO 9001 certified and finds application in lining tablets and capsules, specialty films, API powder, as well as with other pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers. These moisture-eliminating liners undergo extensive testing for tensile and tear strength.

Molecular Sieves

Order molecular sieves desiccants online from the selection of 13X molecular sieve, 3A molecular sieve, 4A molecular sieve, 5A molecular sieve, carbon molecular sieve, and molecular sieve powder at Sorbead India. These molecular desiccants are deployed for use when handling industrial natural gases as they absorb water and withdraw any moisture from the gases. Our bestselling molecular sieve desiccant is formulated using 3A and 4A molecular sieve that creates a pollution-free environment.

Oxygen Absorbers

Sorbead India introduces Oxygen Absorbers packets in Canada to prevent oxygen from entering food packages that causes them to change the appearance, taste, or value of the food item. The oxygen absorber food-grade sachets are formulated using iron powder, water, salt, and natural zeolite powder, an effective ingredient for decreasing or reducing the level of oxygen from packaged foods to maintain freshness. It absorbs nearly three times its weight of oxygen, extending your product’s shelf life. Each oxygen absorber sachet complies with USFDA, EU, and 21CFR standards and is available in various sizes. Shop for O Sorb or OxySorb in Canada from Sorbead India.

Pharmaceutical Coils

The pharmaceutical coils from Sorbead India are sold in Canada as foam plugs as stoppers, polyester coils, and rayon coils.

The pharmaceutical foam plugs are DMF-free, and their snug fit prevents the product from damaging during shipment, yet it allows for complete breathability. These stoppers are autoclavable, non-absorbent, non-toxic, and non-reactive, making them safe as per Canadian health standards. The polyester coils are the petroleum-derived man-made fiber that is non-absorbent and non-fluorescent. It’s readily used in the bottling of capsules and tablets. Lastly, the biodegradable rayon coils are made using man-made fiber (cellulose) for stuffing in bottles of tablets; this prevents the tablets from chipping in transit, helping retain their aesthetics and dosages.

Pharmaceutical Desiccants

Sorbead India specializes in DMF grade and non-DMF grade desiccants that we are now delivering across Canada. Our extensive product line includes Desiccant Canisters, Desiccant Tablets, Humidity Indicating Cards, Pillow Pak, Silica Gel Packets, and Unit Pak. Each of these consists of micropores that absorb water vapors.

The montmorillonite clay desiccant is an inexpensive yet effective absorbent that occurs naturally. It’s most effective when used in normal temperatures, but the clay regenerates itself for repetitive use even at significantly low temperatures. Another desiccant used is silica gel that absorbs 40 percent of its weight in moisture at 100 percent humidity. It’s made using sulfuric acid and sodium silicate, which makes it highly porous but also non-hazardous. A more aggressive desiccant from Sorbead India is the molecular sieve, derived from calcium alumina silicate and sodium-potassium. In addition, carbon can be used as a desiccant for removing odors rather than absorbing moisture. For this reason, it’s blended with other desiccants to provide water absorption and odor removal in the same packaging.

Silica Gel

Online shopping for silica gel has never been easier. Sorbead India distributes silica gel white, silica gel orange, and silica gel blue, each with unique characteristics. It’s primarily used in industries for the removal of humidity from the air. These are paired with color-changing indicators that change color to suggest when they have been loaded and need to be removed from the premises. For this reason, they’re employed in extremely humid conditions when the items in storage or transit are susceptible to damage due to moisture or humidity.

You can now avail delivery within 24 to 48 hours on bulk orders with free samples to reward your purchase. For further inquiries on adsorbents and desiccants from Sorbead India and how they best fit your industry in Canada, speak to our expert customer support team.