Adsorbents and Desiccant Products USA

Struggling to maintain consistent room temperate or acceptable levels for seamless instrument operations and product integrity? Redefine how you should be regulating your room temperature with dedicated dehumidification products from Sorbead India, distributors of absorbents and desiccants.

Sorbead India has the most extensive assemblage of adsorbents (an absorbing substance) and desiccants (a drying agent) that defies the adverse effects of humidity or moisture. We are dedicated to protecting your equipment, raw materials, and by-products against the ill effects of the moisture content with intelligent solutions. Our diverse collection of products and application-based solutions are designed, fabricated, and tested on your prototype to ensure exceptional quality and error-free quantity.

We serve industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, oil, and natural gas, research laboratories, chemical industry, shipping industry to the food industry. Now delivering the products from Sorbead India, the most reputable distributor of absorbents and desiccants across the USA to meet your market demands.

Place your order today and get delivery within 24 to 48 hours on bulk orders with free samples to reward your purchase of the premium quality products further. For further inquiries on specialized adsorbents and desiccants to best fit your industry, speak to our dedicated customer support team.

Activated Alumina

This super product is made from aluminum hydroxide, a substance that exhibits over a tremendous surface area and is highly porous. The Activated Alumina desiccant is water-resistant — i.e., it doesn’t swell, shrink, or swell upon being immersed in water. Moreover, it is abrasion and thermal shock resistant. To further enhance the surface area, Sorbead India has manufactured Activated Alumina as alumina balls that possess a greater capacity for water absorption. Buy activated alumina desiccant online in bulk today.

It’s high in demand in industries that process warm gases, including air. The chemical industry readily makes use of Activated Alumina for drying organic liquids such as butane, LPG, aromatic solvents, or steam cracked liquids. Alternatively, the Activated Alumina manufacturer and supplier is a regular provider to the oil and natural gas industry, where Activated Alumina is used in the separation and purification of oil and other natural gases.

Chromatography Adsorbents

Sorbead India is a leading supplier of chromatography absorbents in the United States of America. Our products are frequently deployed in research laboratories that use high-resolution aluminum oxide chromatography (a highly porous, water-absorbing aluminum oxide power in white) or silica gel chromatography (a high-level harmony silica gel powder with different sizes that offer extraordinary flow rates). Alternatively, we also facilitate thin layer chromatography and flash chromatography.

Note: Sorbead India manufactures the silica gel in three different grades of the column, namely, silica gel flash chromatography, normal phase pore diameters, and silica gel for gravity chromatography. These products are known to help during the extraction, separation, and purification of organic compounds that require complex chromatographic separations.

Container Desiccants

The container desiccant supplier, Sorbead India, has carefully formulated this Container Desiccant to counter the ill-fated moisture that would otherwise result in mold, mildew, foul smell of sogginess, rusting of metallic equipment, fungal formation, and condensation. These products yield a 100 percent success rate in terms of protection and absorption of humidity, which not only controls moisture levels but also lowers the dew point within the container.

At Sorbead India, we have combined calcium chloride with clay desiccant into a mixture that is eco-friendly and can be disposed of as regular waste. This is known as the Cargo Dry Pak that is always high on demand in the shipping industry — be it movement via air, land, or sea. Order the Cargo Dry Pak in 500 grams to place over products or pallets or in 1500 grams for hanging in the sides of the containers. Avail free samples with all bulk orders of Container Desiccants when you place your order from the USA.

LDPE Bags – Pharma Grade

We, the team of Sorbead India, are proud to present the triple laminated aluminum bags for pharma that have been manufactured in the USA. These moisture repellent LDPE bags are ISO 9001 certified and USFDA approved with an overachieving tensile strength and tear strength. Moreover, the LDPE bags can be sealed using heat in a mere 3.5 seconds. We also manufacture USDMF desiccant, USDMF canisters, and USDMF cotton for packaging that comply with FDA standards on all fronts to protect medication, cosmetics, and other natural organic products.

All our product batches undergo an extensive quality control test to ensure non-defective product batches. The procedure includes Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, breaking out analysis, tensile strength test, and differential scanning calorimetric to ensure product reliability.

Molecular Sieves

You can now order molecular sieves desiccants online from Sorbead India. Choose from a selection of 13X molecular sieve, 3A molecular sieve, 4A molecular sieve, 5A molecular sieve, carbon molecular sieve, and molecular sieve powder that portray high absorption capacity. The activated molecular sieve is a mixture of complex aluminum oxide and sodium silica that allows for significant absorption of water molecules based on polarity and size. Our molecular sieve desiccants are great for oil or natural gas industries, where they can be deployed during the process of separation and purification of oil and natural gases. Place your order with Sorbead India and get bulk delivery within 24 to 48 hours anywhere in the United States of America.

Oxygen Absorbers

Despite removing 95 percent of water from food items via freezing, the next step is to preserve the shelf life of the dry items by removing oxygen. Sorbead India manufactures Oxygen Absorbers packets to prevent oxygen from changing the appearance, taste, or value of the food item. These oxygen absorber food-grade sachets are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as they are non-toxic and DMF-free. Each sachet is carefully formulated using iron powder, water, salt, and natural zeolite powder that allows it to decrease or remove the oxygen level from packaged foods to maintain freshness. This miracle product absorbs up to three times its weight of oxygen, making it ideal for use in pharmaceuticals as well as the food industry.

Pharmaceutical Coils

The pharmaceutical coils from Sorbead India are readily sold across the United States of America as foam plug stoppers, polyester coils, and rayon coils that are approved by the USFDA and DMF free. The foal plugs as stoppers are autoclavable, nonreactive, nonabsorbent, and non-toxic that leave no fiber clinging behind. On the other hand, the polyester and rayon coils are manufactured using man-made fiber that is uniform in fiber length.

Order the biodegradable pharmaceutical coils online from Sorbead India for the bottling of tablets or soft-gel capsules.

Pharmaceutical Desiccants

Buy desiccants online from Sorbead India and get free samples with each bulk delivery. These pharmaceutical desiccants consist of micropores that absorb water molecules at high temperatures. The types of desiccants include montmorillonite clay, an inexpensive yet naturally occurring absorbent, silica gel that absorbs 40 percent of its weight, the aggressive molecular sieve, and carbon for removing odors.

Sorbead India specializes in DMF grade and non-DMF grade desiccants. Our product line includes Desiccant Canisters, Desiccant Tablets, Humidity Indicating Cards, Pillow Pak, Silica Gel Packets, and Unit Pak.

Silica Gel

Let’s get down with online shopping for silica gel! Sorbead India is a manufacturer and supplier of silica gel white, silica gel orange, and silica gel blue, each with its unique properties. This product is mostly used in industries that require the removal of humidity from the air, such as oil and natural gas that makes use of silica gel for the separation and purification of oil and natural gases.

Firstly, silica gel in white is readily used in extremely high humid conditions, while the products in transit or storage are susceptible to damage. Secondly, the silica gel orange is impregnated with organic indicators that possess a high absorption capacity of nearly 40 percent of their total weight. These beads go from orange, yellow, to green as an indication of being entirely loaded. Thirdly, the silica gel blue is inclusive of cobalt, giving the synthetic, amorphous silicon dioxide its blue color. Upon getting saturated, these beads turn pink.