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Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers

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After the process of freeze drying of food it removes 95 % water from food, what next do for preserving self-life of food for long term pack in container or packets. Oxygen is the main enemy to preserving food storage till long term. For this solution, in Indian market we supplies oxygen absorber packets, to control oxygen from food grade oxygen absorber packaging pouch and can increase the secure life of packaging without change taste, value and appearance of food products. In the same way, oxygen absorber can use in wide range of packaging applications for long life.

DMF grade oxygen absorber packets are filled with Iron powder, natural zeolite powder, water and salt in which iron powder is the basic component material proven quite effective. The materials for oxygen absorber packets are packed in Tyvek paper material which is USFDA approved, DMF free and non-toxic, for this we can protect food or pharmaceutical products from oxygen.

Desiccare Inc. oxygen absorbers can also recognize as "busters" labeled with "Do not eat" which are the small packets made from paper, polyethylene and PET materials and available in different packaging size in series to 20 CC to 3000 CC. Oxygen-buster packets are put with food packets of rice, vegetable, meats, diagnostics kits, dry foods, grain, noodle, etc. before they are packaging and help to remove the need for gas flushing, additives and vacuum packing.

According to the food standard, Our FDA approved oxygen scavengers are reduce 0% oxygen level surrounding packaging environment and they design in such a way that when they fully absorb oxygen, the color of absorber is changed bright pink to dark blue. This isolation indicates that this desiccant is fully absorbing oxygen from packaging and correctly working. Find here the biggest selection of oxygen absorbing packets or oxygen absorber sachets, modernized the way that dehydrated food is stored for safely long life.

Compliance: USFDA, 21CFR, EU standards.

Salient Features:

  • These are available in form of sachets of various sizes useful for protection against oxygen ad per the volume of final container in which it is packed.
  • Adsorbs almost 3 times its weight of oxygen.
  • Maintain product freshness
  • Extends shelf life.