Changing temperatures can lead to moisture damage in container goods. Here's how you can protect electronic goods against humidity and moisture.

How to Prevent Moisture Damage While Shipping Electronic Goods

If your business requires the shipping of electronic goods, you must be aware of how humidity and moisture can damage your products. Depending upon the nature of exposure of the electrical equipment to moisture, the damage may vary. For instance, if moisture penetrates your electronic devices, you may lose cargo worth thousands of dollars daily.

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How does moisture damage electronic goods while shipping?

When you’re shipping electronic goods in a container, your cargo may encounter container rain. Due to volatile temperatures during the shipment across different climates, the moisture and humidity may rise inside the container.

As time passes, the moisture may convert into small water droplets due to condensation, leading to container rain. These droplets usually appear on the container ceiling and walls and eventually drop on the cargo and damaged goods.

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If the droplets from the container rain penetrate an electronic device, it may connect two contact points and redirect the flow of current, causing a short-circuit.


Increased moisture may not always cause a short-circuit. However, it may often lead to corrosion. While you may not notice corrosion in the wires and circuits immediately, it can significantly damage the functioning of a device.

How to prevent moisture damage in shipments?

Protecting the cargo containers from moisture damage is crucial. If you don’t invest in proper protective measures for your cargo, you may suffer huge losses and lose your reputation in the market for delivering damaged goods.

Some simple ways to protect your container from moisture damage include:

Absorbent pads

Also known as pallet pads, absorbent pads are affordable and one of the simplest ways to protect against container rain. You just need to place the pad on the container floor and arrange your goods accordingly. The pads absorb any moisture that condenses into water droplets and protects your goods from moisture damage.


You may also use desiccants such as silica gel bags to protect electronic goods in a shipment. They’re reusable and one of the most affordable options when it comes to preventing moisture damage in a container.  

Container desiccants at Sorbead India

Sorbead India offers container desiccants with clay that have 100% absorbing capacity. We offer a Cargo Dry Pak, which contains a mix of calcium chloride and clay desiccant to effectively control moisture in a shipment. These are available in two different sizes in bags of 500 gm and 1500 gm that you can simply hang on container walls.

We also offer other desiccants, including activated alumina, Stationery phase Silica gel blue, molecular sieves, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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