Oxygen-Absorbing Film: Its Benefits on Food Packaging


When it comes to extending the shelf-life of their food products, food manufacturers and distributors have a wide range of innovative solutions available to choose from—with oxygen-absorbing film being a popular option.

In addition to protecting the look, aroma, texture, flavor and quality of the food, oxygen-absorbing films can blend seamlessly with the packaging of any product—which is why it’s not surprising that the global market for oxygen-absorbing film, and other oxygen scavengers for that matter, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% over the next five years.

Oxygen-Absorbing Film: The Common Applications

Oxygen-absorbing film can be used in food packaging in a variety of ways. It can be extruded as a multilayer or monolayer film or customized for injection molding. It’s also possible to integrate it into a multilayer sheet which is thermoformed later.

The following are the types of food packaging for which oxygen-absorbing film is an ideal choice:

  • HPP
  • Flow wrap
  • Lidstock
  • Pouches
  • Bag-on-box

Oxygen-Absorbing Film: The Advantages

Many consumer brands use silica gel packets in their product packaging to maintain quality and ensure that the products remain dry and fresh.

  • Pharmaceutical processes: Silica gel is acidic, which makes it an excellent desiccant for several pharmaceutical processes, like the purification of amino acids and steroids.
  • Chromatography: Due to the flexible structure polar adsorbent properties of Silica gel, it also facilitates Chromatography processes.

In a nutshell…

There are numerous and wide-ranging applications and benefits of Silica gel in numerous industries, even including the automobile, biochemical, electronic, garments, and other industries.

Should you use it?

Oxygen-absorbing film is an effective and beneficial choice for food and snack manufacturers due to the multitude of distinct advantages it offers, including:

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

When you’re using oxygen-absorbing film to preserve your products, your customers don’t have to handle or see the active packaging. Unlike conventional oxygen scavengers, such as cards, labels, and sachets which are free-floating and visible within the product, oxygen-absorbing film can be incorporated into the primary packaging material itself, providing a solution that’s fully-integrated and invisible to the customers.

Speeds Up the Production Process

Another advantage of using oxygen-absorbent film in your packaging is that it negates the need for adding sachets and labels during producing—which improves the speed and efficiency of the process.


Instead of using sachets, building oxygen-absorption capabilities into the food package itself can save companies hundreds of pounds of plastic, or even more, depending upon their throughput. This makes oxygen-absorbing film not just more cost-effective solution, but also a more sustainable one.

If you’re using an alternative oxygen-absorbent to preserve your food products, reach out to us at Sorbead India to see if we can provide a superior solution.

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