How Does Silica Gel Work?

Ever wondered what those tiny packets with ‘Throw Away’ signs contain? Well, you’re not alone.

Despite the widespread use of silica gel in consumer product packaging, many people are unaware of what silica gel is and how it works. Silica gel desiccant packets may seem small and useless, but they have powerful moisture-absorbing capabilities that protect items from moisture damage.

In this blog, we’ll go over the uses, applications, and unique composition of silica gel.

What is silica gel?

Silica gel is an amorphous variety of silicon dioxide that is synthesized into hard granules to give it the appearance of small beads. Silica gel beads have tiny pores on their surface that increase their surface area and allow them to trap moisture inside.

Moreover, the lower vapor pressure inside the granule allows water droplets to adhere easily to the surface and prevents the product from getting damaged by water.

What are the benefits of silica gel?

Apart from its excellent adsorption properties, what sets silica gel apart is its inert nature. Silica gel has stable thermal and chemical properties, which make it ideal for use during transportation.

It’s also safe for use with drug and food products because it’s non-toxic and hence not a hazard of accidentally ingested.

What are the applications of silica gel?

Due to their moisture-absorbing properties, silica gel desiccant packets are used widely in several industries. For instance, it’s used in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent drugs from getting contaminated with moisture—even the slightest change in humidity can change the chemical composition of medication.

It’s also used while transporting electronics, such as hard drives and motherboards, as circuits are sensitive to moisture. You’ll also find these little packets with leather goods that are susceptible to wear in humid environments.

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