Oxygen Absorbing sachets placed over capsules

How Can You Preserve Your Food With Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbing sachets placed over capsules

Food preservation in the mass production world is important to make food last longer. This can be done by introducing desiccants for their various beneficial qualities that have evolved over many years. From using salt and pepper for similar reasons to using oxygen absorbers, food desiccants have come a long way.

This post discusses how oxygen absorbers work and their benefits in food preservation with the help of advanced packaging solutions.

A desiccant placed in a tray

How Do Oxygen Absorbers work?

An oxygen absorber is a porous sachet enclosed with the necessary components to cut off excess oxygen that promotes bacterial growth. They reduce oxygen levels to a minimal level enough to stop the oxidation of stored food as long as the container remains shut tightly.

Now that we know of their functionality, let’s discuss the benefits of oxygen absorbers.

Benefits of Preserving Food With Oxygen Absorbers

Preserving the shelf-life of packaged food requires a certain amount of oxygen degradation to enhance food safety. Oxygen absorbers play a crucial role by removing dissolved oxygen to maintain food’s aroma, color, and texture.

Let’s look at a few more benefits of the oxygen-preservation of food below.

1. Helps retain food quality

The sealing of foods in oxygen-resistant packaging material and the quality of oxygen absorbers are primarily responsible for the advancements in packaging technology in food preservation throughout the years.

The most reliable and widely used oxygen absorbers in the food sector are ferrous iron oxides. To fit any specific size, capacity, and application, these desiccants have evolved from simple self-adhesive patches to oxygen absorber sachets of dried iron powder.

2. Can be used over various food groups

Oxygen absorbers decrease the rancidity of edible items by slowing down the growth of microorganisms present within the food. They help retain vital minerals such as Vitamins A, C, and E within food fibers by fighting off aerobic pathogens. Oxygen absorbers also replace the need for sulfur dioxide, benzoates, and sorbates that are used for food preservation.

Food desiccants are a great way to extend the life of food items. They are easy to attain and help businesses retain the quality of their food longer, especially if the supply chain process is lengthy.

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