Benefits of Oxygen Absorbers for Long-Term Food Packaging

As the name suggests, oxygen absorbers are used to remove oxygen from food packaging and seal the product in a nitrogen-rich environment for extended shelf life. This keeps the product fresh and safe for consumption in the long run.

Oxygen absorbers are used in sealed containers with dry foods. They bring the oxygen levels down to 0.01% or less, preventing aerobic pathogens, molds, and spoilage organisms from infecting the product.


Eliminate Using Preservatives

The greatest benefit of using oxygen absorbers is not improving packaging quality. It goes deeper than that. By using oxygen absorbers, you can eliminate the need for BHA, sulphur dioxide, sorbates, benzoates, BHT, and other additives. Antimicrobial additives such as nitrates, benzoates, and sulfur dioxide impede the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts. Other antioxidants like butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), and propyl gallate delay the breakdown of fats and oils and preserve foods for longer.

These additives serve the purpose but at the cost of health. These artificial preservatives pose various health risks and have life-threatening side-effects. They can lead to neurological damage, cancer, asthma, hypersensitivity, allergy, hyperactivity and more issues.

How Do Oxygen Absorbers Work

Oxygen absorbers depend on a chemical reaction to function. They contain iron particles that oxidize when they react with the oxygen molecules in the air and rust. Once the iron powder has rusted completely, the oxygen absorbers saturate their tendency to absorb more oxygen since they are loaded. When the iron comes in contact with oxygen, the chemical reaction starts again until all (or most) of the oxygen is removed from the air.

What Are Oxygen Absorbers Made of

They come in small packets that contain iron powder. The packets are manufactured from a material that allows air to permeate such that the oxygen can enter, but the iron can’t leak. This allows the packets to be placed in packaged food without contaminating the contents, as the seals are safe and robust.

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