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Everything You Need to Know About Pharmaceutical Coils

A pharmaceutical coil is a desiccant tool that is popularly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Its main purpose is to safely pack and transport tablets and capsules without letting moisture in. Pharmaceutical coils also act as fillers so that the tablets and capsules are physically protected and remain in shape.

There are various types of pharmaceutical coils available, all of which serve different purposes. If you are wondering which type does what, let’s get into the details below!

Foam Plugs

Foam plugs are one of the most commonly used pharmaceutical coils. These plugs are made with polyurethane and are available in blocks or cylindrical shapes. One of their standout qualities is their resistance to heat, which is why they’re used as stoppers in tablet and capsule containers. These plugs are also safe to use with medicines because they are non-toxic.

Like other pharmaceutical coils, foam plugs don’t absorb moisture. This allows medicine manufacturers and distributors to maintain ideal humidity levels inside the medicine container. The water vapors inside cannot escape, and the water vapors outside the bottle can’t get in. These plugs can be reused after they have been sterilized.

Rayon Coils

Rayon is made of cellulose, and these coils are used for the same purpose as foam plugs. However, rayon coils are used for very fragile medicines, like the soft-gel tablets that come in bottles. This is because these coils are very flexible, soft, and gentle in texture. They’re also safe to use with medicine since they’re non-toxic and odorless.

One of the unique properties of rayon coils is that they’re completely biodegradable, making them a more eco-friendly product choice.

Polyester Coils

a polyester coil

Polyester coils, as the name suggests, are made from polyester. It’s a material made from a group of petroleum products referred to as the ester functional groups. Polyester coils are made of fibers that are soft and non-toxic.

Unlike the other two coils mentioned above, polyester coils are used as fillers in bottles and containers to prevent damage to the shape of capsules and tablets, especially soft-gel tablets. These coils are also non-absorptive, which means they don’t affect the humidity levels inside the bottle.

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