How Desiccants Work

Almost every product, from electronics, apparel, and medicines, to cosmetics, and vitamins, is at a high risk of damage due to moist and damp atmospheric and packaged environments. Increased moisture makes an item prone to bacterial, fungal, and mold growth that eventually leads to product degradation. In fact, water in high-end electronics can result in irreversible damage and corrosion.

What are Desiccants?

Fortunately, desiccants can significantly help prevent such damage. They’re a hygroscopic moisture-absorbent material that help maintain the state of dryness within product packages. By eliminating humidity from the atmosphere and sustaining a moisture-free environment, desiccants such as activated alumina balls and silica gel moisture absorbers provide multiple benefits.

You can now find desiccant packets in almost every consumer product, whether it’s a pharmaceutical container or a shoebox. These moisture absorbents come in various shapes and sizes according to the product they’re protecting. Qualified desiccant companies now offer a wide range of substances in the form of desiccants.

Some of the most common desiccant products include alumina, molecular sieve, calcium chloride, and silica gel.

Read on to learn how these desiccant packets help protect packaged items from moisture.

Moisture Protection

The primary purpose of desiccant packets is to protect products from moisture by effectively absorbing humidity, odors, chemicals, and dampness. It’s critical for preventing significant damage to essential and expensive products like electronics and semiconductors.

The use of desiccant packs is critical for packaging companies when storing foods and other items susceptible to the growth of mildew, mold, and fungus due to high humidity levels. Adequate desiccant usage helps enhance a product’s accessibility, safe use, and overall customer experience.

Product Safety

Industries, including pharmaceutical companies, can significantly benefit from desiccant packs to ensure product safety and promote users’ health. The use of desiccants such as cotton and polyester coils keeps the medicines and gelatin capsules safe from moisture. Likewise, apparel companies use desiccants to keep the leather materials well-protected for years to come.

In fact, high-end companies such as those in the aerospace industry use dry cargo packs as desiccants to protect the missile components.

An Eco-Friendly Solution to Moisture Prevention

Desiccant packs don’t contribute to excessive waste and are reusable. While they last for several months or even years, one can always repurpose them in multiple ways. Once they’re done protecting a product from moisture, one can repurpose them into cellphone protectors from falls and water damage or as files for document safety.

Adding desiccant packs to your product packaging adds value to your goods and services and your company’s overall credibility while promoting an eco-friendly packaging practice.

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