What are Adsorbents?

Adsorbents are used in various industries because their functions lend themselves to all kinds of biochemical use cases and operations. They are commonly used in synthetic resins, water purification, food packaging, and activated charcoal, among many other applications.

How Adsorption Works

Adsorption is when a liquid or gas accumulates on a solid or liquid surface and creates an atomic covering or molecular film. It refers to the deposition of a molecular substance onto a surface, whereby the residue is the adsorbate, and the surface on which it’s deposited is known as the adsorbent. Often confused with absorption, this process is different from the diffusion of substances into a solid or liquid solution.

How Are Adsorbents Used

If you’re looking for chromatographic packaging materials for gaseous and low-boiling substances, adsorbents fit the bill. Evolutions in packaging standards have led to diversification in the uses of adsorbents for substances with high boiling points as well.

Adsorbents are used in pharmaceutical packaging to treat acute poisoning. Medical conditions such as hepatic and multi-organ failure, sepsis, and acute inflammation have high mortality rates. They are generally associated with endotoxin molecules such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or inflammatory cytokines. Adsorption removes high molecular mass (HMM) metabolites and toxins from packaging and lowers the risk of fatal consequences.

Characteristics of Adsorbents

  • Large surface area
  • Degree of activation
  • Available polar sites

Since adsorbents are fundamental to industrial packaging, they are constantly modified to enhance their use. The factors mentioned above are some of the most important characteristics found in modern adsorbents.

Reproducibility inactivation is the hardest factor to control. It measures the level of adsorption and determines how well the surface water can be removed. Many synthetic organic polymers have proven to be good adsorbents, and alumina and silica gel are two of them.

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