3 Practical Uses For Silica Gel Packets

We’ve all seen those tiny pouches that contain ‘bead-like’ objects in new bags or medicine boxes. These are silica gel packets. Silica gel is basically silicon dioxide, or silica, in an amorphous and porous form.

Generally used to absorb and hold moisture, Silica gel packets are an efficient and cost-effective way to protect sensitive items from spoilage by water vapor or moisture. Here are three practical, everyday uses of silica gel packets:

Rescue Your Phone After a Water Accident

Most of us are familiar with phone damage as a result of contact with water. While rice-dunking and trying to dry it out using a hairdryer might work in some cases, these methods also pose serious damage to the device.

A great alternative is to place your phone in a plastic Zip-lock bag with a few silica gel packets and set it aside overnight. The silica gel will effectively absorb moisture from your phone, saving you from having to pay for repairs—or worse, investing in a new one.

Make Your Razors Last Longer

Razors deteriorate quickly in humid areas or during those particularly humid months. Even if you feel like you’ve dried the blades really well, it’s almost impossible to rid of them of internal moisture.

One interesting way to do so is to take your razors and place them in a jar along with a few silica gel packets. This will make sure to keep your razors dry because the silica gel will absorb all the moisture. Your razors will last longer as a result.

Freshen Up Your Gym Bag

We all know that post-workout clothes aren’t supposed to be stuffed into a bag. The odor and moisture can give your bag an unpleasant smell, making it difficult to use it anywhere outside of the gym. This can be very inconvenient, especially if the bag is one of your favorites.

A great way to counter that is to keep a few packets of silica gel in it to absorb the moisture and smell, keeping your bag fresher.

Silica gel isn’t just an excellent way for people to keep their things safe from moisture, it’s also an efficient way for companies and manufacturers to protect their goods from moisture damage, especially in areas and seasons with a high humidity rate. If you’re looking to buy silica gel packets online in bulk quality, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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