Silica Gel Beads: 4 Clever Uses of Silica Gel Packets

Have you ever stopped to think about the purpose of those small packets with the ‘Do Not Eat’ labels in shoeboxes?

While most of us just throw silica gel packets away without thinking twice, they serve a very useful purpose.

As highly effective desiccants, they are added to products to get rid of moisture contamination. Silica gel packets are used in nearly every product category, including food, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and clothing.

And is with any other versatile material, savvy DIYers have come up with some clever uses of silica gel packets.

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1. Toss them in your toolbox

Keep your tools from rusting by tossing a few oxygen absorber packets inside. Most modern tools have a protective coating that prevents oxidation. However, if you have to take your tools out routinely in the rain or snow, then the rusting process can accelerate.

Two desiccant packs per drawer can help you keep your tools perfectly safe and dry.

2. Save your wet cell phone

If your phone has become the unlucky victim of a water spill, all hope isn’t lost. Immediately remove the battery and memory cards from the body. Then, wipe the phone down and immerse it in a container with silica gel packets.

To ensure all the moisture is gone, leave the phone immersed overnight.

3. Get the most out of razor blades

Razor blades are bound to get water on them, and no matter how well you try to air dry them, some moisture is often left behind. The water can cause premature dullness, shortening the life of your razor blades.

Use silica gel to prevent having to switch them out frequently. Once you’re done washing the razor, put it in a box with silica gel packets to get rid of any retained water.

silica gel beads

4. Add them to your gym bag

Stinky gym bags are common problems for people who put dirty workout clothes inside them. If you don’t have time to wash and dry out your gym bag frequently, silica gel packets are an excellent alternative.

Not only do they get rid of the moisture caused by sweaty clothes, but they also get rid of the bad odor.


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