Are you looking for packaging solutions to protect your cargo against moisture damage? Here’s a useful guide for you.

Innovative Packaging Solutions to Ensure End-To-End Cargo Protection

If your business requires large shipments, it’s vital to invest in moisture-free packaging solutions to ensure the quality of your deliverables. Container rain and the buildup of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are some of the major concerns you’ll need to consider when looking for protective packaging solutions for your cargo. 

Here’s more on choosing innovative packaging solutions for your cargo:

cargo containers on a port

Why do you need to protect cargo?

During the transit, the sea cargo may face many temperature changes. As a result, the moisture and humidity levels in the container may rise. This can lead to issues like corrosion, mold, hygrostresses, mildew, warping, and spoilage. Consequently, the quality of the products in a container may be affected and lead to a huge loss. Of course, you wouldn’t want to face these losses.

Here are some threats to your cargo:

Container rain

One of the major culprits responsible for damaged goods in cargo is container rain. This phenomenon refers to the condensation of the moisture present inside the container. The condensed water droplets may appear on the container walls and ceiling, leading to corrosion and spoilage.

If you’re transporting perishable items with a short shelf-life, consider protecting your shipment with desiccants that can help keep your goods fresh for a long time.

cargo containers on a port

Moisture-free packaging solutions for cargo protection

There are many ways to ensure that your cargo is protected against moisture. Depending on your products, you’ll need to use the appropriate desiccant to prevent damage. These include:

Silica gel bags

Silica gel beads or packets are one of the most common types of desiccants available in the market. They’re affordable and are great for absorbing excessive humidity in a container. You can simply place silica gel packs with your products to keep them dry and fresh and use them again and again.

Container desiccants

Container desiccants are bags of clay and calcium chloride that you can easily hang on the container ceilings and walls to prevent container rain. The desiccant will quickly absorb any humidity and moisture in the environment and keep your goods from exposure to high levels of moisture.

Oxygen absorbers

Many manufacturers offer oxygen absorbents in the form of small packets. You can simply place these packets with food products or other perishable items to extend their shelf life.

Moisture-free packaging solutions at Sorbead India

Sorbead India offers high-quality container desiccants available in 1500 gm and 500 gm bags. We also sell oxygen absorbers to keep perishable products fresh for a longer period. We manufacture desiccants, including activated alumina, Silica gel moisture absorber, molecular sieves, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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