Silica Gel in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Application and Uses

The secure packaging of products is an essential consideration in the pharmaceutical industry. These products are highly sensitive to changes in environmental factors, such as temperature and moisture content. As such, pharmaceutical companies go to great lengths to maintain the integrity of products and prevent changes to their chemical composition.

In 2019, Grand View Research estimated that the global pharmaceutical packaging market size stood at USD 98.58 billion. Silica gel desiccant is critical as it prevents moisture contamination and provides drug safety. At the same time, it can also enhance delivery convenience, so drugs and diagnostic tests stay protected during transport too.

Let’s take a closer look at some essential applications of silica gel and related products in the pharmaceutical industry.

Desiccant Stoppers

Desiccant stoppers are designed to protect diagnostic kits and strips from breakage and moisture. They are incorporated directly into the container, which is convenient, increases shelf life, and can ensure your tests can maintain their integrity.

These stoppers can be separated from the tube or inside easy-to-handle hinged-cap tubes. For added protection, they can be combined with desiccant polymer tubes instead of traditional polymers.

Desiccant Tablets

The threat of moisture is particularly relevant in diagnostic kits where contamination can damage sensitive components and alter test results. To prevent this from happening, desiccant tablets can be placed directly inside the wands or internal housing of the diagnostic kits.

With a desiccant already added during the manufacturing process, pharmaceutical companies can avoid additional packaging later on.

Desiccant Packets and Bags

Desiccant packets are ideal for protecting medications and small electrical devices from moisture damage. Depending on FDA specifications, these packets can be altered in size and weight to meet desired specifications.

Container desiccants can be placed with products to add another layer of protection when items are being shipped over long distances via air or sea.

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