Packaging with Desiccants: What You Need to Know

The right packaging can make all the difference to a product; that’s why at Sorbead India, we recognize the importance of using desiccants for packing.

Desiccants are compounds or agents that help absorb moisture from the air and maintain a non-humid environment. They can be used while transporting, storing, or maintaining products and materials.

Why Are Desiccants Used:

Desiccants are mainly used to prevent water from contaminating a closed package or container.

Water contamination can either happen from existing water vapor inside the packaging, moisture contained in the walls or the materials inside the packaging, or an external source of moisture permeating or leaking into the package.

How To Choose Desiccants:

There are various factors you need to consider when selecting a desiccant to include in your packaging. The product itself decides which desiccant (if any) will be used, and the product’s sensitivity to moisture also plays a role.

Moreover, the manufacturer will also look at the packaging materials and the weather conditions before finalizing their decision.

Whether the packaging is made of cardboard, plastic, or other large storage containers, characteristics such as dimension, corrosion resistance, seal type, and permeability all play a part in deciding.

Additionally, manufacturers will see where the product is being transported to and stored at. The weather and temperature of an area can help you figure out how the package’s conditions will fluctuate as well.

Types Of Desiccants To Use:

Silica Gel:

Silica gel is the most widely used type of desiccant and is a mainstay in our packaging supply materials catalog as well.

The material is non-hazardous and can pack all kinds of products, including food, electronics, and shoes. Silica gel has a porous molecular structure which allows it to absorb 40% of its weight in water vapor even when there is 100% humidity.

It also works well at normal temperatures but has been shown to have problems at high temperatures and environments with a low water concentration.

Molecular Sieve:

A molecular sieve is also effective at absorbing high amounts of water and can work effectively at high temperatures.

Therefore, it is widely used in labs and industrial applications, for example, to dry gases and liquids when the molecules need to be separated. It may, however, not be used as commonly for commercial purposes.

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