Protection Measures for Moisture-Sensitive Commodities

Protection Measures for Moisture-Sensitive Commodities

If your business relies on regular shipping of moisture-sensitive products, a lack of protective measures can cost you a fortune. Shipping the commodities through sea cargo exposes the containers to a range of climates. As a result, the atmosphere in the container changes leading to issues such as container rain.

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That’s why it’s vital to protect your moisture-sensitive commodities at all costs.

What are moisture-sensitive commodities?

Although most commodities are prone to moisture damage during sea shipments, some goods may require constant protection against moisture and humidity. Here are some examples of products that require desiccants to keep them protected against rising levels of humidity and moisture:

Pharmaceuticals: Drugs are sensitive to moisture. As they’re exposed to moisture, they can lose their shape and texture, and eventually, their chemical formula might get affected.

Electronics: Electronic appliances such as laptops and phones are vulnerable to moisture damage too. Due to condensation, moisture can penetrate in the form of small water droplets and affect the circuits and current flow.

Food products: The food industry is constantly expanding. Food manufacturers need to choose the right desiccants and oxygen absorbers to increase the shelf life of their products and retain their taste and odor.  

How to protect moisture-sensitive commodities?

Depending on the nature of your commodity, you may need to buy a different desiccant. Here are some common desiccants used by various manufacturers.

Silica gel: It’s one of the most common desiccants that are widely used in the automotive industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

Molecular sieves: These are expensive high-quality adsorbents used in pharmaceuticals and chemical products.

Container desiccants: These are often available in large bags that you can simply hang in containers to absorb excess humidity and prevent container rain. Irrespective of the product, you can easily use them in every shipment to avoid moisture damage.

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Pharmaceutical coils: These polyester coils are specific to drugs that help them maintain the desired moisture level, shape, and form of the bottled tablets.

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