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Chromatography Adsorbents

Chromatography Adsorbents

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Chromatography adsorbents are regularly used in pharmaceutical & chemical industries, where primary issue of chromatography is to make final pure compounds or make a impurity profile studies for pharmaceutical & natural products. Column chromatography methods are help in extractions, separation & purification of organic products & effective drug substances. The chemical components of a mixture have almost the same physical and chemical properties and hence can't be separated by other usual methods of separations

Sorbead India with specialized tie up with "Swambe Chemicals" manufactures & suppliers of silica gel & alumina powder for chromatographic separations, with an aim to offer various particle sizes & various pore diameters products, which is required for complex chromatographic separations.

The silica gel and alumina brockmann I-II grades which are manufactured are as gravity grade, flash grade and normal phase pore diameters. Alumina is being provide as acidic, neutral and basic grades. Silica gel column measures the pore diameter using the BET method which guarantees the best and most accurate results during manufacturing process.

We are manufacturing stationary phase chromatography adsorbents for research laboratory use:

1. Aluminium Oxide Chromatography- Aluminum oxide powder is a whitish colored powder which is used for chromatography and is highly porous and water adsorbing. With a bulk density of 800-920 gm per liter and a surface area of 180-240 square meters per gram, in this way adsorbents are suited for various applications like column chromatographic separations, food colors, dyes & spectroscopic chemicals, herbal and natural products, isolation and antibiotics purification.

2. Silica Gel Chromatography-Silica gel powder having different mesh sizes which are between 35-800. Silica Gel particle size distribution offers an excellent flow rates and a high level of harmony. The common surface area of these gels is 400-800 square meters per gm. Sorbead India adopts highest quality standards for such a sensitive & accurate product, which ensures batch to batch reproducible results for any chromatographic separations.Silica gel powder is used in different grade of column in chromatography techniques. The grades like silica gel 35-70 mesh, silica gel 60-120 mesh,silica gel 70-230 mesh,silica gel 100-200 mesh, silica gel 230-400 mesh, silica gel 400-800 mesh which all mesh sizes are suited for silica gel column chromatography.

Chromatography Features & Benefits:

  • High resolution
  • Batch to Batch reproducible results
  • Excellent flow rates
  • Direct scalability
  • Simple packing procedure
  • Low operating pressure
  • Low expense for instrumentation

Getting an effective column chromatography result using silica gel and aluminium oxide powder, Sorbead is a leading international supplier of solid adsorbents for organic synthesis labs and research institutes.