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Importance of Desiccants in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Desiccants are materials that adsorb moisture from their surrounding and avoid water damage to products. They are popularly used in various industries, like the electronics industry, cosmetic industry, clothing industry, and more. However, the food and pharmaceutical industries are two industries that rely on desiccants.

Moisture can significantly affect the quality of food and medicines and their efficacy, resulting in the growth of bacteria and fungi. Desiccants are necessary when packing foods or tablets. In this blog, let’s take a detailed look at the importance of desiccants in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Desiccants in the Food Industry

Desiccants keep foods fresh and prolong their life. They are used in the food industry as anti-caking, drink-clearing, and anti-thickening agents.

The anti-caking agents prevent foods from getting their texture ruined or clumping together. This ensures that food products can easily be transported and stored for a long time without worrying about the quality. Silica gel packets are commonly used because they can act as stabilizers, adsorbents, conditioning agents, anti-settling agents, emulsifying agents, and defoaming agents.

The drink-clearing agents are used for liquid products like oils. These agents help the drinks flow better, maintain their viscosity, and remove cloudiness.

Desiccants in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Desiccants are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent moisture damage to tablets in drug bottles. Furthermore, pharmaceutical coils are also used to trap moisture and not let water vapors along with these desiccants.

Purity and cleanliness are essential in the pharmaceutical industry, and every drug has to pass these tests to be approved for use. Desiccants help achieve these results economically and conveniently. Silica gel and molecular sieves are some of the most common desiccants used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are food-grade desiccants and are non-toxic, making them safe for use with food and medicines.

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