carbon molecular sieves

Use Of Molecular Sieve and Other Desiccants in the Oil and Gas Industry

A molecular sieve is a type of desiccant that’s used in various industries, including pharmaceutical, oil, and gas industries. The sieves provide stronger and quicker absorption of humidity and moisture from the environment without compromising the product they’re used with. Unlike other desiccants, they’re well-suited for low relative humidity. 

carbon molecular sieves

There are many types of sieves available. Some of the most used molecular sieves include carbon molecular sieves, type 4A, 3A, 13X, and 5A.

Use of molecular sieves in the oil and gas industry

Molecular sieves are used in the dehydration process in the gas industry. The sieves help remove water particles from the natural gas and prevent the formation of hydrates and fouling of crucial downstream components. They also help reduce corrosion in the pipelines and maximize process efficiencies.

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In oil refinery processes, they’re used to protect catalysts that are highly sensitive to water. If they’re not used in the refineries, it may cause a number of safety hazards for the premises and workers. Other than molecular sieves, other desiccants like silica gel and activated alumina are also widely used in both the oil and gas industry.

Why are molecular sieves and other desiccants used in the gas industry?

The desiccants are used to achieve the following results during the procedure:

  • They help limit the pressure drop increase levels
  • They help limit the desiccant’s bed degradation that may lead to water breakthrough
  • Desiccants help maintain the reliability of the process and consistency in the production levels
  • They help exceed and achieve gas production through the right treatment of gases that have some amount of liquid present in them

How do these desiccants work?

The wet gases go up toward the adsorption towers and flow downwards via the adsorbent; this is where the H2O is absorbed from the wet gases.

Then the dry gas exits from the bottom and is now ready for sale or further processing. In most cases, the desiccant systems have 2 or more two adsorption towers to help regenerate the desiccants at the same time

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