Blue vs. Orange Indicating Silica Gel: Which Is Better?

Silica gel packets might look small, but they pack a punch. Compared to other desiccants, silica gel can absorb up to 40 percent more than its own weight in water.

That’s one reason silica gel packets have numerous applications in a variety of industries, including food, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and clothing.

While previously, it was difficult to determine the saturation level of a silica gel bead, indicating desiccants have made this possible. Indicating desiccants slowly change color as they absorb more water, making it possible to determine the saturation level just by examining the silica bead.

Currently, there are two types of indicating silica gels—orange and blue indicating silica gels. To help you choose the right one, we’ve discussed the properties and applications of each below.

Orange indicating silica gel

This silica gel appears orange/yellow when dry and turns green once the beads hold about 15 percent water. Orange silica gel is non-toxic, and is perfect for environmentally-conscious companies, as it’s pollutant-free.

Uses of orange indicating silica gel

Blue indicating silica gel contains cobalt chloride and has been banned by the EU. On the other hand, orange silica gel is non-toxic and is widely used in the EU.

It works best at room temperature and has a variety of applications where visual control of moisture is necessary. Examples include compressed air dryers, breathers, and non-consumable packaged goods, such as electronics.

Despite its non-toxic properties, it’s best that the silica gel doesn’t come in contact with food and other consumables.

Blue indicating silica gel

Blue indicating silica gel beads are washed with cobalt chloride, which gives the granule its blue color. As the silica gel becomes saturated with water, the color turns pink.

Blue indicating silica gel has similar applications to the orange variety, but should not be used in products that are intended for consumption, such as food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products.

Use of blue indicating silica gel

Blue indicating gel is generally less expensive compared to orange indicating silica gel. Despite the ban in the European Union, this variety is available for use in the United States and Canada.

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