Oxygen Absorbers: All You Need to Know

The food industry faces challenges in preserving food and extending the shelf life of edible products every day. With quick packaging solutions like desiccants and adsorbent packets, businesses can now benefit from longer-lasting quality food delivered to their clients.

Oxygen absorbers are iron powder-filled packets that absorb excess oxygen in food containers and boxes that promote the degradation of food items. This is why it is common to find little moisture-absorbing packets in foods like beef jerky.

Now that we know what Oxygen absorbers are let’s take a look at how they benefit the food industry.

The Benefits of Oxygen Absorbers

1. They increase the self-life of food

Oxygen is important for aerobic processes that promote the activity of healthy bacteria inside food items. Unfortunately, this also speeds up edible rotting and causes businesses to produce more fresh foods and spend more time and effort getting rid of stale items.

With oxygen absorbers, you don’t have to worry about this too often. These desiccants increase the life of foods, retaining their quality so managers can effectively plan when to produce their next batch. Many companies offer these desiccants in various sizes and amounts for the food industry.

2. They are non-toxic

Oxygen absorbers are FDA-approved and are safe to use with food items. They promote the healthy preservation of food and increase security. When looking for this desiccant, seek companies that produce ISO-certified and FDA-approved products.

You can preserve your food with the help of oxygen absorbers. These FDA-authorized products increase the lifecycle of food and save businesses valuable resources such as time and money.

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