Silica Gel in the Food and Beverage Industry: Application and Uses

With the growing applications of silica gel in the packaging and logistics industry, the chances are that you’ve found these small packets inside a product. Pharmaceutical products, footwear, clothing items, food, and electronics all have silica gel packets to protect them from moisture-related damage.

As one of the leading suppliers of silica gel products in the United States and Canada, we get a lot of questions from our clients about its usage and handling. In this piece, we’ll answer all your FAQs about silica.

Can re-use desiccants in food packages?

If desiccants haven’t been fully saturated, they can be repurposed for storing foods and shoes at home. While some silica gel varieties, such as Desi Pak, don’t change color or shape with moisture, others do.

For instance, blue indicating silica gel turns pink as it absorbs moisture. One the other hand, lime desiccants turn from granular to powdery form as they become saturated.

How should we dispose of desiccants?

Desiccants can be disposed of as non-combustible waste. When dealing with large quantities of desiccants, the desiccants need to be treated as industrial waste and should be prepared before disposal.

What should we do if silica gel is ingested by mistake?

Silica gel is chemically inactive and stable, so it is not absorbed or digested in the body. If it comes in contact with eyes, you should wash them properly with cold water.

Additionally, silica gel products are non-toxic, so they don’t have any adverse effects on the body. However, if you do ingest it by accident, it’s best to visit a primary care physician and show them the packet of the desiccant.

How should we differentiate between desiccants and oxygen absorbents?

Desiccants absorb water vapor suspended in the environment and keep humidity low. On the other hand, oxygen adsorbents prevent oxidation, staining, insect damage, and molding by absorbing oxygen in the environment.

As a result, they have different applications, particularly in food and beverages.

Buy High-Grade Desiccants and Absorbers

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