Silica Gel Breather Usage In Transformers

Many companies that operate in the power generation sector attach silica gel breathers to the conservators that are used in oil-filled transformers. The main purpose of this addition is to remove moisture or water vapor content from the air used by the transformer to breathe.

The design is simple. The structure consists of a pot filled with silica gel beads that’s built to let air pass through it before the transformer uses it to breathe. This works because of silica gel’s natural property of absorbing moisture quickly. This property has gained the chemical a solid place in the power generation industry.

How Silica Gel Breathers Help Transformers Function

Silica gel crystals and beads are tremendously capable of drying air and gases by removing moisture content. As the air that is to be used by the transformer passes through the pot containing the silica gel crystals, water vapor will be completely absorbed, resulting in the air that reaches the conservator being dry.

Dust and other particles present in the air will also be effectively trapped by the oil placed in the oil seal cup—which acts as a barrier between the air and silica gel. Usually, the type of silica gel used in breather transformers is Blue indicating silica gel, which consists of a chemical compound called cobalt chloride that gives it its blue color.

This compound enables silica gel to turn pink when it has reached maximum absorption capacity, indicating that it needs to be reactivated using heat and used to dehydrate the air again.

Why Silica Gel Breathers Are Popular In Power Generation Industries

Silica gel breathers outfitted to transformers are popular because they are simple, inexpensive to build, and help companies save both money and time by reducing the amount of investment and time spent on repairing any damages.

Presenting companies with an economical means of maintaining moisture levels, silica gel breathers are an excellent alternative to other expensive, complex solutions.

This is just one example of the industrial usefulness of silica gel. Many companies even use it to keep goods and materials safe from water damage. If you’re looking for a reliable online company to buy silica gel moisture absorber in bulk quality, be sure to contact our team today.

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