A Brief Overview Of Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Pharmaceutical products involve highly-sensitive compositions of drugs that need protection from environmental impurities and moisture. Many manufacturers have come up with various packaging solutions for the pharma industry to safely use chemicals.

The material chosen for packaging is the most crucial factor in maintaining the drug’s safety since pharmaceuticals must remain protected throughout their shelf life and must not react with the material of the containers. This post discusses the different types of pharmaceutical packaging solutions and their use .in different stages of transportation and shipping.

Different Types Of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging depends on the purpose and type of medicine or enclosed substance. For instance, while some capsules might need protection from impurities in the air, some injections might need to be kept away from moisture in the environment. Hence, the packaging of any pharmaceutical good depends on the reason and type of protection it needs.

Below are some common types of pharmaceutical packaging types:

1. Primary packaging

The first layer of packaging is the material that holds the substances within. Because these products will come in contact with the medicinal drug, they have to be free of any impurities or contaminants. These include bottles, syringes, blister packs, syringes, and vials or ampoules.

2. Secondary packaging

This is usually the larger container that holds the drug or batch of drugs. Examples of secondary packaging are boxes, cartons, trays, and shipping containers.

3. Tertiary packaging

This third layer of packaging is usually used for transportation purposes when handling and shipping are involved. For instance, containers, barrels, and edge protectors may be used when final product movement is involved.

Moisture absorbing packets for goods and products

The type of packaging needed usually depends on why a certain medicinal drug is needed. While dealing with end-consumers stops at the secondary level of packaging, sending multiple batches of drugs and injections usually involves three or more layers of packaging. When temperature or moisture-sensitive substances are involved, manufacturers and suppliers may use silica gel desiccant packages to protect their goods.

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