3 Industries That Benefit From Adsorbents

From agriculture to petroleum refining and cosmetic products, adsorbents are used in industries across the spectrum. The adsorbents market is segmented based on industrial applications such as air separation, water treatment, drying, and packaging. You’ll find a niche for adsorbents in almost every part of the world, including Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, and others.

The global market for adsorbents is worth US$ 4.3 billion. And it enjoyed a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of a whopping 6.3% from 2015 to 2020. These numbers show how vast and widespread the industrial applications of adsorbents are.

Market for Adsorbents

At the moment, the Asia-Pacific region holds the largest global market share. In this region, China is the market leader, with India close on its heels. However, with the rapid growth in India’s adsorbent market, it might surpass China due to rising demand for clay, molecular sieves, silica gels, and activated alumina.

A global shift to eco-friendly industrial practices has further propelled the demand for adsorbents in petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas companies.

Pharmaceutical Uses

Ever since government regulations surrounding pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and healthcare products have been tightened, companies are focusing more on manufacturing, quality control, and hygiene. The slightest contamination or minor neglect can lead to potentially fatal consequences. Therefore, there has been a surge in demand for adsorbents.

Adsorbents are commonly used during dehumidification processes, the drying of air-synthetic materials and instruments, and deodorization. A few common adsorbents that are used in the industry include activated alumina and carbon, silica gel, and polymeric adsorbents.

Petroleum Refineries

Reaction engineering, petrochemical engineering, and environmental engineering rely heavily on adsorption. It can effectively remove flue gases, and there’s evidence that the removal of heavy metals and dyes through adsorption is also possible. This is why the industry depends on adsorption, as it is a reliable method for filtration in petrochemicals.

Studies are being carried out to determine the role of adsorption in the desulphurization of crude oil. Since adsorbents like zeolite molecular sieves, active carbon, impregnated carbons, resins, and polymers have the potential to adsorb sulphur, they are widely demanded in the industry.

Food Packaging

Adsorbents are used as active packaging in food products. The packaging film contains calcium hydroxide as a carbon dioxide adsorbent. This has improved the physical and mechanical standards of food packaging.

Stearic acid (SA) acts as a surfactant to minimize the accumulation of CO2-adsorbents and enhances tensile strength, light transmittance, and water vapor transmission rate. Since they are now used to functionalize the adsorbent powders on the film, they contribute to the industrial production and distribution of food-grade adsorbents.

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