Why Are Humidity Indicator Cards Important?

Humidity indicator cards contain a cobalt chloride solution that has been mixed in a way that allows it to switch between shades of blue and magenta, depending on humidity levels.

Although these cards indicate whether there is a certain level of humidity in the atmosphere, they can’t tell specific percentages. They can show you the maximum possible humidity levels in a particular container.

If all the dots on the indicator card in the container turn deep blue, it means that humidity levels are lower than 10%, so no rust will develop on metal products, nor will mold or mildew in paper or cloth items.

Expensive electronic devices like computers, video cameras, and SLR cameras can get ruined by high moisture levels. These items must be stored in places with low humidity to prevent them from getting damaged.

Companies can order humidity indicator cards depending on the type of item they’re storing or shipping. Generally, companies need to make sure that the humidity levels in their shipping packages are lower than 10%. New storage guidelines released in 1999 demanded that companies aim to maintain humidity levels below 5% to ensure their products last.

How To Use Humidity Indicator Cards

Bear in mind that Humidity Indicator Cards only indicate humidity levels; they can’t change them.

Humidity Indicator Cards are used to inform supervisors and workers to take action in case humidity levels rise, and their products are exposed.

Humidity Indicator Cards must be used with desiccant packets that remove humidity from the container. The cards are used to ensure the packets are working.

Type of Desiccant

The type of desiccant used in the packaging depends on environmental conditions during the shipping of the products. The environmental conditions may impact the functionality of the desiccant.

Your desiccant supplier can tell you about the moisture capacity of the various types it offers.

A Humidity Indicator Card is moisture-sensitive. When humidity levels are below a specific RH level, they stay blue. When the humidity levels exceed the indicated RH value, the cobalt chloride reacts with the moisture and turns pink.

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