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3 Types of Desiccants Commonly Used

products in multiple industries, like the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, and cosmetic industries. This is done through desiccants.

Desiccants actively adsorb moisture inside an enclosed environment and keep the humidity levels low, preventing damage to the products due to moisture. Different types of desiccants are used for different purposes. Let’s take a look at common types of desiccants used these days.

Silica Gel

Silica gel is made of silicon dioxide meaning, it’s safe for foods and medicines. Silica gel adsorbs moisture and is available in various shapes and sizes, like beads, granules, etc. Silica gel is effective for a long time, making it ideal for use in packaging of food and medicines apart from other industrial processes.

Silica gel is also common in the food and pharmaceutical industry. A lot of people believe silica gel is poisonous and toxic if swallowed. However, this isn’t true. That said, one should avoid consuming it.

Activated Alumina

Activated alumina is made from aluminum hydroxide. It’s porous and has a very high capacity for adsorbing water. It adsorbs moisture from air and gases, especially at higher temperatures.

Activated Alumina is also used to filter drinking water, absorb fluoride from water, and act as a biomaterial in different chemical processes. This is because it doesn’t shrink, swell, or get deformed when immersed in water.

Activated alumina in a petri dish

Molecular Sieve

A molecular sieve is essentially a drying agent that rapidly adsorbs moisture. Molecular sieves have a three-dimensional structure that allows them to trap water vapors. Molecular sieves work well in warm temperatures.

A molecular sieve is reusable and can also act as a biochemical in processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. A molecular sieve is used where there’s a need to adsorb moisture rapidly and maintain humidity.

These are the three most common types of desiccants used these days. If you need to purchase any of them, Sorbead India can help you.

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