Activated Alumina—An Effective Solution for Water Treatment


About 71 percent of the earth’s surface is water-covered, but it’s important to remember that water is still a finite resource.

And only one-hundredth of one percent of water is readily available for human use.

Here, water treatment plays an instrumental role in controlling wastewater on earth and providing access to drinking water to the planet. It is best described as the process of eliminating contaminants and improving the quality of water by passing it through various processes.

One of the best methods for treating water that is widely recognized around the globe is using Activated Alumina.

It facilitates the removal of arsenic and fluoride from drinking water, hence making it safer for consumption.

In this blog, we’ll briefly discuss why Activated Alumina is an effective solution for water treatment.

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Activated Alumina—An Effective Solution for Water Treatment

Activated Alumina doesn’t function as a water filtration system. It’s a water treatment device that adsorbs the contaminants present in the water.

It consists of a bed of activated alumina granules, which adsorb impurities when water is passed through it.

Activated Alumina can be particularly useful for treating source water, which often has high levels of sulfate concentration.

The effectiveness and level of adsorption depend on numerous factors, including water quality, the particular contaminants, and the physiognomies of the Alumina itself.

For instance, adding chlorine to the water before the treatment process can improve the adsorption process.

pH levels

pH levels play a significant role in determining the efficacy of the Activated Alumina treatment. Typically, pH levels should be below 8.5 for the best results.

Pretreatment to adjust the pH levels in the water can improve the Activated Alumina water treatment process and yield better results.

However, it’s important to regenerate or dispose of the activated Alumina with great caution to avoid harming the environment, i.e., avoid landfills, etc.

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