The Benefits of Using Silica Gel in Chromatography


In chemistry, column chromatography is a process that’s used to separate a single chemical compound from a mixture.

Discovered by Russian biologist Dr. Michael Tswett in 1906, the technique is mainly used in pharmacological applications for purification and drug estimation.

The most popular adsorbent used in column chromatography is Silica gel, primarily due to its huge affinity for adsorption.

Moreover, it’s readily available in different variants, which makes it a commercially viable product for manufacturers.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the top benefits of using silica gel in chromatography. Let’s get started!

Top benefits of using silica gel in chromatography

Silica gel is an amorphous and porous form of silicon dioxide, which remains neutral and doesn’t cause an interactive reactions with any substance.

Silica gel can be regenerated several times for multiple usages, owing to its stable structure, which helps reduce expenses associated with the purification process.


Once it’s heated to 302°F (150°C), it releases all adsorbed substances without requiring to undergo any chemical process.

Furthermore, Silica gel is a polar adsorbent, i.e., it can absorb basic substances present in the material required to be separated during the purification process.

Due to its acidic nature, Silica gel is used in a variety of pharmaceutical processes, like the purification of amino acids, lipids, and steroids.

In addition to natural elements, it also facilitates the separation of synthetically produced compounds.

Using Silica gel chromatography, the components present in any mixture can easily be separated without incurring high costs.

Last but not least, Silica gel has a flexible nature, mainly in terms of quantity, which means it is used in precise amounts and size—depending on the requirement of each specific process

Final words

Silica gel is accepted as one of the most effective and useful substances that can facilitate the chromatography process.

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