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Chromatography Adsorbents and Their Uses Explained

Chromatography is the process of separating the contents of any mixture. Different types of chromatography processes are used, like affinity chromatography, liquid chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, etc. All of these processes have one thing in common: they use chromatography adsorbents.

Let’s take a look at what chromatography adsorbents are and their application in chromatography.

The Role of Adsorbents in Chromatography

Adsorbents are used to adsorb certain chemicals or contaminants by sticking them to their surface and chemically bonding them during chromatography. These adsorbents are added in the stationary stage, and the addition of these adsorbents continues the process into the mobile stage, where the contents of the mixture separate.

An adsorbent affects the whole chromatography procedure, depending on its:

  • Binding strength
  • Surface area
  • Quantity

Types of Chromatography Adsorbents

Different types of adsorbents are used during chromatography. These include:

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is amphoteric. This means it can react both as an acid and as a base. Because of these characteristics, aluminum oxide is an ideal adsorbent when it comes to chromatography because it can chemically bind with a range of compounds.

Aluminum oxide is usually found in the form of white, odorless powder. It’s sensitive to scents in its surrounding.

Silica Gel

Silica gel itself is a great adsorbent and can chemically bind to multiple compounds to isolate them. It is commonly used in a variety of methods of chromatography, like process chromatography, preparative chromatography, gravity chromatography, etc.

Silica gel chromatography is based on a mixture’s polarity and the adsorbent’s activity.

Stationary stage silica

Types of Chromatography

Just like different types of adsorbents, there are different types of chromatography techniques as well. Some of the most common chromatography techniques include:

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