Silica Gel in Packaging: Application and Uses

According to Smithers Pira, the global packaging industry is expected to reach a valuation of $1.05 trillion by 2024. This gigantic industry employs professionals and specialists from every field of study, including science, business, design, and technology.

The packaging industry also plays a crucial role in nearly every other industry. To ensure products are delivered safely, in proper condition, and with maximum efficiency, they require suitable packaging; there’s just no getting around it.

Moisture damage has been one of the main concerns in the industry, and significant research has gone into preventing its effects. Silica gel was employed during the first World War to absorb vapors in gas mask canisters. Today, the material is used widely in the packaging industry to prevent water contamination.

The Composition of Silica Gel

Silica gel is made of silicon dioxide and is engineered to form small crystal-like beads. The beads may look completely solid, but they actually have tiny, porous channels that absorb water vapor very easily.

The pores also increase the surface area to volume ratio of each bead. This makes it more likely that moisture will adhere to its surface.

Why is Silica Gel Useful in Packaging?

The properties outlined above make silica extremely absorbent—but there are a few more reasons why it’s so useful in the packaging industry.

1. Lightweight

In transportation, the weight of an object largely determines the cost of freight. The weight of silica packets is negligible, making them effective moisture mitigation solutions for transport over long distances. The small silica packets with the ‘Do Not Eat’ signs on them attest to this fact.

silica gel packaging

2. Chemically Inert

Silica gel is chemically inert and doesn’t react with the substances it comes in contact with. It remains thermally and physically stable, even under less than optimal environments. This property is extremely useful, as reactive materials can damage products and can be unsafe for transport.

Silica is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable, making it the perfect answer to moisture-related packaging issues.

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