Types of Desiccants You Should Know About

Desiccants are a useful tool used to absorb moisture from products to keep them dry and stable. Various desiccants are used in multiple industries. These include common desiccants such as silica gel, activated alumina, molecular sieves, and lesser-known desiccants, such as calcium oxide, calcium sulfide, and various others.

Silica Gel


Silica gel is a desiccant made up of small beads of silicon dioxide that are used to absorb moisture and prolong the shelf life of a product. It is commonly used in food products, beverages, medicine, nutritional supplements, cat food, cat litter, water filtration, humidity indicator, and food additive.

Silica gel also has the ability to absorb water, aromatics, alcohols, ammonia, olefins, paraffin, and diolefins, making it useful for a variety of products.

Activated Alumina


Similar to silica gel, activated alumina is a porous desiccant made of aluminum hydroxide. It is a desiccant with a high absorption ability, making it effective for drying gases, filtering drinking water, fluoride absorption, and biomaterial.

The absorption process involves water sticking to the alumina itself, trapping it to prevent it from spreading over the surface area. As water is trapped, it is dried to prevent it from passing through any kind of filter.

Molecular Sieves


Molecular sieves have the ability to trap water vapor above 225 degrees Celsius, therefore, also lowering the humidity levels in a particular area. Moreover, these desiccants are used as reagents and bio-chemicals for pharmaceutical companies.

Calcium Oxide


Calcium oxide, also called quick lime, absorbs a large amount of water vapor at lower humidity levels. Since it’s slower at absorbing moisture and swells up when it has, it’s commonly used to package dehydrated foods.

Calcium Sulfide


DrieriteT, more commonly known as calcium sulfide, is a non-toxic, chemically stable, non-corrosive, and non-disintegrating desiccant made of dehydrated gypsum. Due to its low absorptive ability, it is a lesser-used desiccant with a short useful life.

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