Silica Gel: Why You Should Never Swallow it

Do you wonder what those tiny white pouches that you find in almost every packaged product are? These small packs consist of silica gel, a highly effective desiccant, drying agent, or moisture absorbent to protect various humidity products.

You can find these products in new shoeboxes and clothing packages. While these are excellent materials to ensure a product’s longevity, they always come with a warning to not eat or swallow the pouches.

Read on to learn what silica gels are used for and the risks associated with them.

What is Silica Gel &How is it Used?

Silica gel is a widespread product desiccant that consists of components such as silicon dioxide. Its minuscule particles can absorb a substantial amount of water and moisture, ultimately promoting a dry atmosphere for various products and food items.

The silica gel manufacturing process is comprehensive because most desiccant companies produce them in multiple shapes and sizes according to their moisture absorption capacity and product size. You can find these gels in the form of small, clear, and round beads in various colors like orange, blue, and white.

Silica gel packets work by pulling water vapors out of the air to reduce or prevent moisture damage in items like medication bottles, jacket pockets, cellphone and camera packages, shoes, and purse boxes.

Why You Shouldn’t Swallow It

The Poison Control Centers encouraged manufacturers to provide a loud and clear warning by labeling silica gel packets with a caution message.

Children are at risk swallowing silica gels after mistaking their packet for a chew toy, candy, or food.

Despite various myths about its toxicity, silica is a dormant chemical. It means it won’t poison a person’s body if they decide to consume it because its composition is resistant to breaking down. However, the gel’s solid-state or packet can lead to choking accidents among kids and adults. Therefore, most desiccant manufacturers recommend throwing these absorbents away after use.

While silica consumption won’t harm you, it’s undesirable to consume it because it doesn’t have any nutritious value. Eating silica gel in large quantities can lead to intestinal damage.

Emergency Initiatives You Can Take

The best way to prevent silica gel consumption among kids, adults, and pets is through frequent awareness about how it’s not suitable for eating or swallowing. Furthermore, disposing of these packets is a great way to prevent any choking accidents.

Silica gel packets are one of the best desiccants for ensuring a dry atmosphere for products when used without risking health and safety. You can now find the best orange, white, and blue silica gel packs at Sorbead India to ensure the most moisture-free packaging for your products.

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