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How to Package and Store Products with Desiccants

The right packaging is critical to ensure the product stays in shape and the quality remains intact, especially when it comes to fragile products like cosmetic products, electronic gadgets, and other devices.

Moisture is one of the biggest factors that can damage products. In order to protect products from moisture damage, desiccants for packaging and storing are used.

Let’s take a look at how these desiccants are used and which ones are the best for storage and packaging.

Why Use Desiccants?

Desiccants are adsorbing materials that adsorb moisture from their surrounding. Desiccants are necessary for storing and packaging many products that are sensitive to moisture and can get damaged.

Desiccants adsorb the existing water vapors in the environment, helping maintain a dry temperature inside the packaging and avoiding moisture damage.

How to Choose the Right Desiccant

There are a variety of desiccants available, like silica gel, molecular sieves, oxygen adsorbers, and more. However, not every desiccant is suitable for packaging and storing products. For example, activated alumina is a desiccant that’s best suited for air drying. Many factors must be considered when choosing the right desiccant for storage and packaging.

Type of Product

The type of product determines which desiccant is suitable for use. For example, if the product is highly sensitive to water and can easily get damaged by moisture, like medical tablets, food products, and electronic products, silica gel is the best type of desiccant for them.

Type of Packaging

The type of packaging also determines what desiccant should be used. For example, if the packaging is made of plastic and is sealed to not let any more water vapor in, then molecular sieve can be a good choice for a desiccant. If the packaging is made of cardboard, silica gel is often preferred.


The weather also plays a crucial role in determining which desiccant is used in packaging solutions. Firstly, you need to consider the weather of the place the product is being packaged. Secondly, you must consider the weather of the place where the product will be shipped to.

Activated alumina balls

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