Various desiccants divided into trays and jars

Alumina Balls: Uses And Application

 Various desiccants divided into trays and jars

Activated alumina balls are used to remove moisture and impurities in the air. Their primary building component is alumina, which is used by several industries to safeguard products against water and moisture.

Activated alumina manufacturers produce alumina balls to provide packaging solutions to their customers across several industries. This post discusses the uses, applications, and benefits of alumina balls for their various functional advantages.

Let’s look at some functional features of alumina balls.

Uses and Applications Of Alumina Balls

Catalytic Properties

Alumina balls provide adsorption and a large surface area for activity during a reaction, making them a perfect catalyst. They act as a buffer to manage gaseous and liquid levels to preserve the natural composition of products and substances.

High-Temperature Resistance

Aluminum hydroxide is ground and then processed into small balls and put in a high-temperature kiln to stabilize their shape. Consequently, alumina balls perform well under extreme temperatures, unlike silica gel as a desiccant when shipping under harsh weather conditions is involved.

Adsorbing Features

Alumina balls adsorb impurities to provide a favorable environment when transporting goods, especially in the agricultural, pharmaceutical, water purification, and hydrogen peroxide plant industries. Its affinity to bond with water makes it favorable to introduce in a moisture-filled environment to protect items from getting soaked.

Now that we know the scale and use of alumina balls, here are a few benefits.

Benefits Of Alumina Balls

  • Alumina balls are weight and temperature resistant making them ideal for heavy-duty use.
  • They grade low on the abrasion scale but have high thermal conductivity, which makes them an important resource when retaining quality is a priority.
  • Their affinity to water makes them ideal in high-water or humid conditions.

Alumina balls are a manufacturer’s choice because of their highly functional and resistive properties. They act as great desiccants for many businesses to preserve the quality of their goods during transport.  

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