Silica gel desiccant in easy-to-use packets

How Silica Gel Is Used Commercially

Silica Gel is a widely-used commercial desiccant used to preserve items during transportation. It is a great moisture-absorbent that helps materials and products from damage, corrosion, and spoilage due to excess moisture in transportation containers. It also offers a large surface area and can be used for transport during extreme temperatures.

Silica gel desiccants are lightweight, conveniently packed, and can be used for various applications across many industries. They are odorless, non-toxic to materials, and relatively cheaper than other adsorbents. This blog discusses the applications of silica gel commercially and its additional benefits.  

Let’s take a look at some of its wide-scale uses.

Preserving Fresh Food

Foods such as bacon, beef jerky, and pepperoni carry silica bags to slow down their degradation. In the mass production industry, food preservation is key to ensuring food quality and longevity for customer satisfaction and to meet increasing demands.

Shipping and Storage of Apparel Items

Clothing becomes damp and smelly due to moisture when not preserved properly while transportation. Manufacturers add packets of silica gel in leather clothing when they send these items to retailers.  This helps protect from leaks during shipping and warehouse storage to protect items from damage. 

Prevents Rusting and Corrosion

Large metal and steel tool collections by mechanics and experts may get damaged due to excess moisture present in the air. Even after all the necessary precautions, this could lead to thousands of dollars of loss. Many engineers and mechanics will pack one or two silica gel bags in their toolboxes. Additionally, tool manufacturers also pack silica gel packets in boxes when sending their goods to retailers to protect them from corrosion and loss.

Six silica gel desiccant packets in different grammage

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