Why All Shoes Manufacturers Should Be Using Silica Gel Packets

We’re all familiar with the small silica gel packets we find in shoeboxes, electronic packaging, and new handbags, which have distinct DO NOT EAT instructions on them.

But did you know that these silica gel packets are worth holding on to?

What Do Silica Gel Packets Do?

Silica gel is porous silicon dioxide that is made to look like small beads. It absorbs water molecules surrounding the packet, bringing down the moisture content in the air.

Silica gel absorbs around half of its mass in moisture and works until fully absorbed.

Therefore, silica gel packets have near-infinite uses, owing to their drying capabilities. By absorbing moisture, they help prevent mildew, mold, odors, fungal growth, and staining in sensitive items.

You can add silica gel packets to smelly gym bags, underwear drawers, suitcases, and storage areas for wet suits to keep any smells at bay.

Moreover, they can even help extend the life of your razor blade life by allowing them to dry out quickly. Studies even show that 5g of silica gel can help protect 100g of rice crackers, prolonging their shelf life to up to six months.

Shoe Manufacturers Use Silica Gel for Moisture-Control

Shoe manufacturers use silica gel to keep moisture and fungal growth away from new shoes during production and delivery.

From manufacturing to storing, delivery, and product pick-up, the shoe manufacturers add silica gel packets to the box to keep shoes safe from mold, odor, and bacteria growth, especially if they’re made of leather.

How Silica Gel Prevents Mold Growth

Shoes last for an extended period; there are some pairs that people bury deep in the closet and completely forget about. Shoes stored in hardly ventilated areas and those that are subjected to high humidity become perfect hosts for mold.

Even if you store shoes in boxes for safekeeping, the high moisture content in the boxes—due to seasonal temperature changes and monsoons—can damage your shoes, causing stains and mold growth.

Silica gel packets work by creating a moisture-free and dry environment, minimizing the risk of damage.

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