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LDPE Bags - Pharma Grade

LDPE Bags - Pharma Grade

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Sorbead India is one of the few suppliers who have been offering products which are developed in USA, with a status of USFDA approved. These special virgin LDPE bags which find its application in various solutions like specialty films, linings in medical capsule, tablets, API powder & pharmaceutical packaging manufacture etc. Our offered LDPE manufacturing process is ISO 9001 certified and we have a comprehensive system of quality control for tracing defective product batches and isolating potential quality issues in every step of manufacture.

We offers products like USDMF desiccants, canisters and cotton for packaging as well as triple laminated aluminum bags for Pharma which are performed through highest quality control testing using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetric and tests the tensile strength and breaking point analysis to ensure total field reliability. These moisture barrier LDPE bag uses the highest quality FDA approved raw materials which are consistent for every batch.

LDPE bags are used as anti-static drum liners for medical product packing which meets FDA standards on all fronts. These liners have a tensile strength of over 1500 to 3000 Psi and tear strength of 450 lbs/inch. This material can be heat sealed in 3.5 seconds under 60 psi of pressure.

Pharma Grade Bags - API, Bulk Drugs, Tablets, Capsules

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Does Contain Drug Master File
  • Quality Systems-Computer processes that monitor
  • and control; full traceability; incoming QA; material certifications; retain samples
  • In-house testing lab-Full physical testing capabilities including FT-IR , DSC, tensile, seal and burst strength
  • Responsive R&D-Product development to fit
  • Specific customer needs
  • Technical service and support
  • FDA approved raw materials