We take a sophisticated approach to the development, specification and are manufacture representatives of films and liners for the healthcare industry. The result is consistent, high quality products that meet the demanding needs of customers.

Low-density polyethylene plastic bags on a roll, In the biopharmaceutical and medical industries visible and sub visible toxins from packaging materials.

Polyethylene film is effective even at low relative humidity (less than 12%). It is designed in a way that it meets particular needs of the pharmaceutical industry and complies with FDA title 21 para. 178.3 130. Special additives are used in manufacturing of these LDPE bags which do not affect the film clarity or quality. These are most economical to use. One can select a standard film thickness as per desired specification.

Healthcare product line

  • Film and bag liners-for bulk drug substances, intermediates and bulk products
  • Specialty Films-resin blends for improved performance
  • Quality Systems-Computer processes that monitor
  • Printed films and bags
  • Available in different sizes & different mils.

FDA Grade Anti-Static Drum Liners

Anti-static polythene is used for the safe loading and storage of fine powder chemicals and is ideal as a liner for drums or FIBCs. It is also used in the storage and transportation of powders and tablets. Our pharma grades bags meet FDA Title 21 para. 178.3 130.

Features and Benefits

  • Extrusion blown film manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical bulk packaging
  • On-site Technical R&D
  • Printed films and bags
  • Converting (bag/liner/printing)

Physical Properties:

  • Tensile Strength (ASTM D 882) 1500 to 3000 psi
  • Tear Strength (ASTM D 1004) 65 to 450 lbs / inch
  • Elongation (MD %) (ASTM D 882) 550
  • Dart Impact (ASTM D 3420) 250 -750 gms
  • Burst (Mullen) (ASTM D 882) 20 – 60 psi

EHEat Sealing:

  • Temperature 250 – 375°F
  • Time .25 – 3.5 seconds
  • Pressure 30 – 60 psi (ASTM D 882)

Electrical Properties:
Surface Resistivity: (inside/outside)

  • at 38.8°C and 12% RH
  • Less than 10 12 Ohms/Sq.
  • Typical 5×1010 Ohms/sq.

Static Decay Rate:

  • (5KV – OV at 28.8°C and 12% RH)
  • Less than 2 seconds
  • Typical 5×1010 Ohms/sq.
  • Pharmaceutical Tablets & Capsules Packaging
  • API Packaging
  • Food
  • Bag Liners for Bulk Containers, Antistatic Available
  • Pouches
  • Laminate to Foil
  • Safe loading and Storage of Fine Powder Chemicals
  • Liner for Drums or Fibcs for the storage and transportation of powders and tablets

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