Why Silica Gel Is So Important For Packaging

Why Silica Gel Is So Important For Packaging

Packaging is a crucial element of any product, be it high-end or cheap. It protects the product from damage and helps retain its form. The value of the packaging industry in the USA alone was a whopping 180 billion dollars in 2019

Packaging is customized according to the nature of the item. A fragile item such as glass is more carefully packed as compared to something sturdy.

However, one thing common in almost all packaging is the use of silica gel. It is found in the packaging of almost anything you buy, from shoes to electronics and medicine. They are stored in small porous sachets made of paper or cloth that allow silica to remove moisture from its surroundings and have a ‘do not eat’ warning on it in block letters.

What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is a desiccant which means it can absorb the moisture around it and keep products dry. This is why it is used to protect many products including:


It helps maintain the quality of the product till it reaches the final customer. It is also used in certain food packagings like beef jerky, chips, and even mushrooms to keep them fresh and crispy and prevent them from getting soggy.


Silica gel also protects things made of metal like jewelry and coins from corrosion and oxidization.


Since silica gel can hold up to 40 percent of its weight in moisture, it is even used in preventing staining and spotting on pictures. It also has the ability to release moisture if the air gets extremely dry. Hence, silica helps deal with lots of problems that can compromise the integrity of the products.

Benefits of Silica Gel

Prevents Mold Growth

When there is moisture in the environment, it is very easy and common for mold to grow, and damage products made of leather, including cosmetics, clothing, electronics, and pharmaceutical products. Silica gel packets absorb moisture and prevent mold from destroying products.

Traps Odor

Silica gel comes in handy when dealing with odor. Moisture retention can create an odor problem. In the manufacturing process of certain products, various chemicals are used, which can release a foul odor, and silica gel prevents this by absorbing the vapor.

Since silica gel helps prevent various issues like mold, odor, and corrosion, elongating a product’s life.

Silica gel packets are available in multiple colors, which help indicate the level of moisture and even change color to show how much moisture they have absorbed. This tells you when it’s time to replace the old ones with new ones.

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