Questions You Might Have About Using Silica Gel

Questions You Might Have About Using Silica Gel

Silica products are rising in popularity due to their wide range of applications in many different industries. It’s very unlikely that you haven’t come across these tiny gel sachets that are found inside various packaging. From food items to electronics, everything contains silica gel that helps to prevent the product from moisture damage. This blog post will answer some of the queries and concerns you might have pertaining to the use of silica-based products.

Can the desiccants in food packaging be re-used? 

Many people approach us asking if they can re-use the desiccants. The answer is yes, but only if the contents aren’t saturated completely yet. You can repurpose them to store foods and clothes and shoes. Don’t worry if the gel changes color because that’s normal. The blue indicating silica gel can change to pink when exposed to moisture, and lime desiccants can become a little powdery when saturated.

How to dispose of the desiccants?

You can dispose of the desiccants easily, just like any other non-combustible waste item. If you have the desiccant in larger quantities, then you may have to treat it as industrial waste and hence prepared it before you dispose of it.

What to do if you Ingest Silica Gel by mistake?

The good news is that your body can’t absorb or digest silica gel, and it’s chemically inactive. However, your eyes and skin can be sensitive to it, and hence you must rinse them off properly when exposed. Most good quality silica gel products used in food items are non-toxic, but it’s still better to reach out to a doctor if it enters your body in any form.

Desiccants VS. Oxygen Absorbents.

The fundamental difference between a desiccant and oxygen absorber is that the former absorbs water vapors while the latter keeps the products safe from the effects of oxidation. They have different applications for each industry.

Buy Desiccants and Absorbers

If you’re looking for desiccant and oxygen absorbers, contact us. We have a wide range of moisture-free packaging solutions. At Sorbead India, we offer USMDF silica gel rolls, silica gel desiccant packets, and much more. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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