Using Silica Gel in Your Food: Is it Safe?

Using Silica Gel in Your Food: Is it Safe?

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Silica gel products are used for many different purposes. In most industries, they help in moisture adsorption and protect goods. Apart from that, they are also used as desiccants found in paints and coatings in plastic products. Stats reveal that they command at least 51 percent of the total market share of the desiccant segment. The market for silica products is growing at a CAGR of 3.8 percent despite the pandemic.

In the food and beverage industry, as well, you’ll find silica products often used in packaging goods. This blog post will explore how it’s used in this industry and whether it’s safe.

Powdered food products

You’ll often find silica gel being added to different powdered food products as well as medicines. This is to prevent the powder from getting clumped. Silica comes with great anti-caking properties that can prevent your food items from getting clumped when exposed to moisture. There’s no need to worry about any harmful side effects as it’s proven to be a safe and effective method.


Silica gel is often used as a clarifying agent and has thickening properties. Many companies use it to enhance the viscosity of their liquid products because the greater the viscosity, the better the flow of liquid and experience for the consumers. Companies also use it to clarify non-alcoholic drinks and reduce the haziness or cloudiness from the drinks. It’s also very effective in getting rid of any turbid polymers.

Alcoholic drinks

Silica gel can also help in stabilizing alcoholic drinks. For instance, beer contains highly selective adsorbents are a great choice for breweries. It’s because of their unique surface that makes them perfect for selective adsorption to avoid haze from the beer. Moreover, silica gel removes the haze from the drinks without affecting the foam layer that many consumers demand.

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