Types of Silica Gel Pouches and Their Uses

Types of Silica Gel Pouches and Their Uses

All of us have seen the tiny little silica gel packets that accompany our items. These small pouches may contain silica gel in their granular or bead form and are kept in packaged products to ensure the item remains free of moisture.

Silica gel is effective at regulating fluctuating moisture levels in a closed space because it is a desiccant. In fact, it’s one of the most popular kinds of desiccants used by manufacturers in every industry and is readily available.

The moisture-wicking properties of silica gel make it an effective and inexpensive method of keeping products safe from humidity.

Silica gel packets can be used for all kinds of goods, including electronics, vitamins, apparel, dried meat products, and more.

Most of us have only seen the silica gel pouches in white color, but now there are plenty more varieties that all serve different purposes.

The most common types of silica gel pouches include the orange, blue, green (indicating), and white (non-indicating) kinds.

The indicating pouches are supposed to change color when they are overloaded with moisture, while the non-indicating silica gel pouches remain their original white color.

Orange Silica Gel:

The dark orange silica gel pouches can change their color to either dark green or a colorless form once the gel is flooded with moisture.

It is also used for moisture absorption, drying natural gas, and air drying, amongst other purposes similar to that of the blue silica pouch.

The orange varieties are used in industrial uses such as food packaging, power generation plants, pharmaceutical packing, electronics, air industries, oil and gas industries, leather and textile, stationery, and food packaging.

Blue Silica Gel:

The blue silica gel pouches are colored in their navy shade because of the cobalt the gel contains.

This cobalt is considered safe for use during transporting packed items, and the silica gel changes its color from blue to pink once it is fully permeated with water. It changes its color back to blue once it has dried out.

The blue silica gel packets are used in a variety of ways across many industries. It is used to absorb moisture during manufacturing, dry natural gas, separate and purify, dry and dehumidify the air, and as a catalyst carrier.

The blue variety of silica gel is also used in the power industry in breather transformers.

White Silica Gel:

This is the most common type of silica gel and is commonly used for packaging newly purchased items. These white pouches are non-indicating, which means it does not show any visible signs of moisture absorption.

The white silica pouches are used for packaging shoes and electronic items and are widely used to keep packaged goods dry during transit.

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