Food Grade Silica Gel – Uses and Composition

Food Grade Silica Gel – Uses and Composition

Silica Gel is a substance used as an absorbent desiccant. You may have seen it in many products, such as in bags of rice and dried beans, the packaging for yeast and sugar, and the saltshaker on your dinner table. Silica gel is generally composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) with a few other components, like hydrogen oxide (H2O), oxygen (O2), or both.

Where Can You Use It?

Whether you’re a food manufacturer, a local farmer, or just someone who deals with lots of food storage, one thing you’ll need is food-grade silica gel. This essential product can help extend the life of your food and garden produce by preventing moisture from reaching the inside.

Food Packaging

One of the major causes of food contamination is humidity. With silica gel, you can easily reduce the humidity in food packaging. The porous beads can soak up to 40% more moisture than their size and weight.

Moreover, bacterial growth can occur on food when it gets wet, especially in areas with high humidity like grocery stores and local food markets. If bacteria are allowed to grow inside the food packaging, they may get into the product and lead to illnesses. Silica beads inside packaging help prevent this by keeping the products dry while they are still packed.

For keeping your veggies fresh

Keep your lettuce and herbs fresh for much longer by placing a package of food-grade silica gel beads in the bottom of your vegetable container. This naturally absorbent material will help keep them fresh even after they’ve been picked, so you can use them in salads or food later.

For preventing mold growth in your pantry

When your pantry’s starting to get a little musty, keep a package of food-grade silica gel beads in with your food. The beads will absorb the moisture, making the food last much longer.

How to Reuse Them?

Most silica desiccants are packed in bags that allow the beads to absorb moisture and other dangerous elements that can potentially damage the food. Normally, these bags are made from polyester fabric or Tyvek. Fortunately, you can reuse the silica gel bags by reheating them for a couple of hours at 250 F. This will release the moisture stored in the pores, and they can then be reused.

If you’re looking for food-grade silica gel to use for food packaging or just for your food items at home, we’ve got you covered. At Sorbead India, we offer a range of desiccants, including orange silica gel beads, moisture-free packaging solutions, silica gel blue crystals, and much more.

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