Extract, Separate, and Purify with Chromatography

Chromatography adsorbents are frequently used for extracting, separating, and purifying organic and drug substances in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Benefits of using chromatography adsorbents include:

  • Simple packing procedure and direct scalability
  • Safe usage and reproducible results
  • High resolution and flow rates
  • Low operating pressure and instrumentation costs

Column chromatography is the process of separating and purifying solids and liquids. Column chromatography is among the oldest and most commonly used techniques for separating mixtures packed in a column.

Silica gel and aluminum oxide powders come in handy when performing column chromatography.

Silica Gel Chromatography

Silica gel powder is ideal for column chromatography techniques. It can be used to perform different types of chromatography as follows:

Analytical Chromatography

Analytical chromatography is a simple chromatography technique that involves quick and cost-effective separation.

Gravity Chromatography

Gravity chromatography is a process of manual chromatography that requires continuous monitoring and observation to bring about the separation. 

Preparative Chromatography

Preparative chromatography makes use of the latest chromatography technologies to optimize the chromatography process efficiently.

Process Chromatography

Process chromatography involves the usage of technology on a large scale for improving purity in several biologics.

Applications of silica gel chromatography include:

  • Water-soluble alkaloids
  • Separation and isolation of various alkaloids
  • Purification of peptides, proteins, and amino acids
  • Ranitidine dimer separation
  • Separation of catechol and resorcinol

Aluminum Oxide Chromatography

Aluminum oxide powder is highly porous and a promising adsorbent of water. Its bulk density and unique biological characteristics make it highly suitable for column chromatography separations and purifications.

Alumina is amphoteric in nature and thus available in three different grades:

  • Acidic
  • Basic
  • Neutral

The applications of aluminum oxide chromatography include:

  • Isolation of enzymes, glycosides, and antibiotics
  • Dehydration and removal of peroxides from organic solvents
  • Purification of hormones, vitamins, enzymes, natural products, organic solvents, dyes, amino acids, alkaloids, steroids, liquids, and hydrocarbons

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