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Container Desiccant & Cargo Sweat Protection

Numerous companies all over the world export their goods to various destinations. To do so, businesses use cargo. Sometimes, the goods get damaged long before they even reach their destination. One of the main reasons behind this is cargo sweat.

If you’re clueless about cargo sweat and how container dri desiccants can help, you’re in the right place. Here’s a quick guide to clear the air.

What is Cargo Sweat?

When cargo accumulates a layer of moisture due to condensation, it’s called cargo sweat. When cargos carry hygroscopic products such as cotton, sugar, cocoa, coffee, etc., moisture is natural. However, excess moisture can cause cargo damage and corrosion too.

What Are Container Desiccants and How Can They Help? 

Since most of us know what desiccants are, it’s no surprise that container desiccants are shipping material types manufactured to decrease water damage and humidity in a cargo. This is common damage when shipping freight by sea.

These types of desiccants are usually available in little bags packed with absorbent beads that assist in moisture retention that can form in a shipping container. When moisture builds up in a shipping container, it’s called container rain.

When air moisture condenses in the cooler parts of the shipping container, container rain occurs. Droplets may start to fall as it begins to build up, giving the impression that it’s raining. Container rain is more common when loading containers around humid air, such as near the ocean.

The contents of your shipping container may suffer severe damage due to the moisture exposure, leading to your shipment being rejected or losing value. Desiccants for shipping containers can be used safely with a wide range of goods, including food, medications, electronics, home goods, machinery, car components, and more.

Container desiccants work much like other desiccants and absorb the moisture from the air. All desiccants are made from materials with robust affinity, which helps them absorb moisture. So, when individuals use containers in their cargos, these desiccants work their magic by soaking up all the moisture.

As a result, it doesn’t just help with cargo sweat but also preserves a container’s goods and equipment.

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Are you worried about ship or cargo sweats? Say goodbye to all your worries with our container desiccants.

At Sorbead India, we offer packaging solutions to ensure our clients can keep their equipment moisture-free and safe. Some of our top-quality desiccants include container desiccants, silica gel, activated alumina for Arsenic removal, molecular sieves,  pharmaceutical coils, etc.

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