Pharmaceutical Coils: All You Need to Know

Pharmaceutical Coils: All You Need to Know

Pharmaceutical coils act as desiccant tools for packing and transporting vitamins, medicines, vitamins, and other pharma products. They act as fillers so that bottled medicines like tablets and capsules can be transported safely to the stores. They’re made from non-absorptive, soft material to prevent any damage to the shape and form of the tablets.

Pharmaceutical coils are available in three main types: foam plugs, polyester coils, and rayon coils. Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Foam Plugs

Foam plugs are developed using polyurethane, and they’re available in cylindrical or block shapes. They are used as stoppers in medicine containers and are usually resistant to heat. Since they’re non-toxic, they’re appropriate for use in the pharma industry without the risk of contaminating the drugs.

Foam plugs are non-absorptive, which makes them a great moisture barrier. This helps retain the optimum moisture in the container by ensuring that water vapors or molecules do not enter the container and damage the medicine.

Foam plugs are also autoclavable. This means that they’re sterilized and free of any microbial bacteria. After repeated use, the foam plug can easily spring back to its original shape.

Polyester Coils

Polyester comes from a group of petroleum products called the ester functional group. The polyester molecules are used in making polyester fibers that are then used in developing pharmaceutical coils. These coils are white and non-toxic.

They mainly act as fillers for very sensitive capsules, like those made of soft gel, to help them retain their shape and size. These capsules can get easily damaged due to high moisture and a rise in temperature in the environment. Polyester coil helps provide a protective space for these drugs and safe transportation.

Polyester coils are non-absorptive and non-fluorescent and help medicines retain their optimum moisture.

Rayon Coils

Rayon is created from cellulose which allows it to have a flexible and soft texture. It is non-toxic and odorless—this makes it perfect for pharma products. Rayon is biodegradable and is normally used in bottled medicine.

These coils ensure medicine’s stability and prevent damage during transportation.

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